When will I receive my proofs?

Proofs will be available for pickup 6 weeks after your wedding. The final payment must be paid in full at that time.

How do you pronounce Reimer?

It's Rye-mer.

If I purchase the Digital Negatives, can I print my own pictures?

Yes! The digital negatives are all of your full resolution, edited digital files. You are free to print them at your own lab. Added bonus: If you purchase the wedding digital negatives you receive the engagement shoot as well.

What is the difference if I order prints from you or if I print them at my own lab off the USB?

All of my prints are retouched, optimized for color, saturation, density, and printed at professional labs on professional paper. I cannot guarantee the quality of prints if they have not been printed through me.

What happens if it rains on my wedding day?

Not to worry! Generally the summer months in Calgary are quite stable for weather, and if it does rain, it's usually a quick thunderstorm which blows through very quickly. But if it's rainier than expected during our photo session, there are quite a few spots downtown which are outside but covered by overhangs which keep us dry. Also in a light sprinkle, it's fun to use umbrellas! I always carry some with me. In terms of photography, rainy days can produce amazing soft light, reflections in puddles and off of pavement, dark storm clouds, and many other elements that are an amazing backdrop!

What kind of equipment do you use?

I shoot with Canon 5D Mark III bodies and many different Canon and Sigma lenses.

How do we go about booking you?

I will email you a contract to fill out, which you can scan and email back to me. (or we can meet up and fill it out together). The deposit is taken at that time to hold the date.

What do you require for a deposit?

The deposit or "retainer", is one third of the package cost plus GST. Payments can be made by cash, cheque, email money transfer, or credit card through PayPal.

When do we pay the remaining amount?

The second third is due 1 week prior to the wedding. I will send you a reminder at that time. The final third is due when picking up the proofs after the wedding.

Do you charge for travel?

Yes, but basically just to cover my costs. $0.40 per km each way for mileage. Hotel room required for locations further than 2 hours if reception coverage is booked and further than 4 hours if reception coverage is not booked.


Kristy has written some suggestions in preparation for your photography session.


Properly applied make-up will greatly enhance your appearance, particularly in the photos which will be taken in the course of your wedding day. On the other hand, too much makeup, the wrong makeup, or improperly applied makeup can have the opposite effect. Heavy eyeliner or oversized false eyelashes will cast unwanted shadows over your eyes and cheeks. No make-up may result in a washed out appearance. Ideally, your make-up should enhance your beautiful features without its presence being overly apparent. I recommend hiring a mobile makeup artist to come to your getting ready location the morning of the wedding. I love working with Calgary makeup artists: Trena from Trena Laine, and Karen from Karen Malcolm.

Wedding Planning

I highly suggest hiring a wedding planner to do your decor and planning! Everyone says they never regret paying a little extra to have their venues look amazing and to have everything run smoothly. These artists can transform any boring room into something modern and edgy, or luxurious and classy. Decor completely changes the ambiance into a place that's inviting! Here are some of my favorite Calgary wedding planners: Sonia from Enriched Events, and Shannon from Shannon Valente Weddings. These planners also do pre-wedding planning, day-of planning, chair cover rentals, etc.

Scheduling Your Wedding Day

Photo session timing:  Be sure to leave at least 2-3 hours. It's always best to have a little bit of extra time to be able to take a breather before the reception, than having to hurry to fit everything in. Also take into consideration the number of locations requested, and the driving time in between them. Extra driving time cuts into the shooting time, and should be arranged into the day's schedule. I can help you plan the timing of your day if you need it :) I love shooting in one park setting and one urban setting if we have time for it.

Reception:  My reception coverage is 3 hours which usually lasts up to the end of the first dance. If you want me to cover things like the cake cutting, garder/bouquet toss, then schedule those early in the evening. You can also add extra hours to your reception coverage if you need it. It's best to to an exact timeline of your reception so you know beforehand if you will need extra time. Your wedding planner can help you with this. If you want your dancefloor packed the entire night, then I suggest hiring Hurricane Hollywood, for your wedding DJ in Calgary. He also does a live jazz band for the cocktail hour.


Looking for a location for your big day? Check out some of these approved locations!

Azuridge - luxury boutique hotel in private country setting

The Ranche - heritage house restaurant in Fish Creek

Hotel Arts - "Chic, unique, sexy- the ultimate Urban Escape".

Hotel Le Germain - "Sophisticated architecture and a warm welcome"

Pinebrook- Fantastic view for outdoor ceremonies and beautiful wooden beam building.

The Links of Glen Eagles - Cochrane Golf Course. Outdoor ceremonies with spectacular mountain views.

The Palliser Hotel - can accommodate up to 600 guests, gorgeous interior

Banff Springs Hotel - phenomenal interior, rocky mountain views

Calgary Zoo - Safari Lodge (up to 280 guests) and The Conservatory (up to 100 guests)

Cochrane Ranche House - "Discover the natural west"

Heritage Park - indoor, outdoor, or on a boat in the Glenmore Reservoir!

Canada Olympic Park - home of the 1988 Olympic Winter Games

Valley Ridge Golf Club - Golf Course with patio outdoor ceremonies


Marriage Commissioners

White Horse-Drawn Carriage

Mobile Makeup Artist

Decor and Planning


Getting the Most Out of Your Wedding Photo Session
by Kristy Reimer

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Your photos are one of the few things about your wedding that you get to keep forever. After the event is over, your reception food will be eaten, the tuxes will go back to the rental shop, and the decorations will be taken down and dismantled. Most brides keep their dress, but it us usually packed up in a box and rarely brought out. But your photos are the one thing that you get to show off forever! Each time you open your album, you should be able to relive the spectacular even that it was and rekindle the union that was celebrated. So let's get right into getting the most out of your photo session!!

Here are a few tips which I've found dramatically help the bride & groom AND the photographer for achieving spectacular pictures

1.  Leave enough time and daylight for your photo session.

It usually takes a little while for couples to warm up to the camera... which is perfectly normal and expected. So being rushed for time could mean that you have to hurry though each combination before you're warmed up. Instead, allow the time so moments can happen naturally and you'll warm up into being that lens diva that you know you can be.

Most couples choose to have their photo session in between the ceremony and reception out of tradition. If you choose this option, make sure you have at least 3 hours in between. If you choose to go to multiple photo locations or if your reception location is a good drive away, be sure to add driving time in as well. If you choose the option of having your photo session before your ceremony, again, plan your day carefully. Leave about 2.5 hours for your photo session, and another 45 minutes or so to get freshened up and take a bit of a break before your ceremony.

Daylight is especially important to think about with winter weddings. What time does the sun go down? Will we be at our photo location with ample daylight for at least 2.5 hours of shooting time?

2.  Have a practice session or engagement shoot before your wedding.

Engagement shoots are the perfect time to practice modeling before your big day. Some poses that may be used at the wedding, like the famous "dip", should be practiced so that there will be no dropping of the bride in her gorgeous gown. It also could show you some things that you may want to change before the wedding. For example, you may realize that you can wear significantly more makeup in photos than you would on a normal day, or that you tend to slouch in certain poses. Many of my brides have wished that they did not wear false eyelashes on their wedding because of the lashes casting shadows and making them look squinty. These are some things that can be tried out in the engagement session so a good decision can be made before hand. But most importantly, this session is to get used to the camera so that you can have fun, and be yourself, and get any photo jitters out of the way!!

3.  Be fun, flirty, romantic, and comical.

When you know you have lots of time for your photo session, and are already pretty comfortable in front of the camera from your engagement session, there will be nothing left to worry about. So relax, and let the real YOU come out in the photos! I always try to encourage couples to interact with each other in their photos how they interact normally. This usually starts with a shot where I tell the couple to stare longingly into each other's eyes. This either creates a lot of laughing, spurs on some flirting, or the couple gets lost in such a romantic gaze that they forget about the photographer for a moment. Although I make a lot of suggestions on poses, the best shots are always when the bride and groom take my ideas a little further, get a little flirtier, go for that huge kiss, etc. If you are the crazy and fun type of couple, make sure your photographer knows this. Or if other people have mentioned that your romance is inspiring, let your photographer know.

I certainly hope these few tips will help you get the most out of your photo session so that you will have an heirloom of memories to relive for years to come.

How to Look Great on Your Wedding Day

Looking great on your wedding day means being radiant, relaxed, and ready to start a brand new existence with the person whom you've chosen to spend your life with. Your hair, nails, makeup, dress and how you look in that dress are all part of becoming the bride you want to be on that special day. Since pictures taken on that day remain part of your life forever, it's important to look and feel your best.


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Get used to the camera and practice modeling before your wedding day!